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What is Diving Sport?

Dive; It is one of the underwater sports that is mostly performed for exploratory purposes with the help of a tube. The origin of this sport, which can be done at much deeper depths and for a long time with equipment such as a tube and regulator, is free diving, where no equipment is used.

What is Freediving?

Performing the sport of diving by holding the breath at different depths is called free diving. Free diving, also known as scuba diving, is the most popular underwater diving sport. There are record attempts up to 150 meters in free diving, which pushes the limits physiologically.

What is Scuba Diving?

In this type of diving, which is called instrument, scuba or scuba diving, various equipments are used for the athletes to breathe. With the advancement of technology, technical and practical training is definitely needed in scuba diving, which can be performed much deeper. 

How to Dive

Free and scuba diving techniques and equipment used in these dives differ. In freediving, you first need to be trained in breathing techniques and navigation. Although this sport is done in shallow waters, the current can always be seen. Therefore, the techniques of resisting the current must be learned. Freediving, which is separated as finned and finless, is done with the help of a rope. There are different types such as free sinking, unlimited sinking and cube apnea, which are made with weight and at different depths.

Scuba diving is done with equipment that allows athletes to breathe underwater. Scuba, which gives its name to this branch, is also the name of the equipment. Those who want to do scuba should definitely receive training. There are private institutions that provide training for beginners in various diving spots in Turkey and the world. The trainings that start with a few meters in the pool are then increased to 18 meters. 

What are the Materials Required for Diving?

Scuba and free diving gear consists of special clothing and professional equipment. You need to choose durable and high-quality materials for safe diving.


Clothing and accessories such as suits, vests, gloves, glasses, masks, bonnets, booties and watches, which are specially produced for diving, must be produced with durable and high quality materials. Neoprene and rubber diving suits are the most preferred models. Those who want swimsuits can wear 1 mm thin diving t-shirts inside the dresses designed as overalls or half overalls. Some outfits are designed with full-face diving masks, while others are designed piecemeal.

One of the most frequently asked questions about clothes is body measurements. Diving suits are designed in different sizes for men and women. In addition to height and weight, waist, chest and hip measurements are also important in choosing clothes.

Other Equipment

Especially the equipment, which is the necessary materials for scuba diving, must be of professional quality. 

Dive Tube

Steel or aluminum cylinders with different volumes contain not only oxygen but also nitrogen and other gases. Tubes filled with high pressure and filtered air are essential equipment for athletes to breathe underwater. Dive tubes generally have volumes of 12, 15 and 18 liters. An average 12 liter cylinder contains 200 bar of air.

Diving Weight

The weights used during free diving and spear diving are selected according to the depth. The thickness of the diving suits, the depth and the weight of the athletes are the factors considered at the point of how much these weights should be.

Dive Engine

Diving motors are one of the equipment that is generally used in scuba diving and facilitates swimming. Thanks to the propellers, the engines that have the propulsion power are quite light.

Diving Fins

The fins used in scuba and free diving are different from each other. Long and thin fins should be used in free diving and short fins in scuba diving.


Snorkels that aid breathing underwater are often used in conjunction with diving masks and goggles. The snorkel tube is usually around 30 cm. The snorkel, which is also used in scuba diving, is mostly used for observation in scuba diving.


The regulator used in scuba diving allows the air in the tube to decrease to the pressure that can be breathed. Spare air sources can also be connected to the regulators that show the depth along with the pressure.

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