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paragliding; It is an air sport that promises freedom and adrenaline. It is not necessary to be a professional in order to do this sport, which is preferred by those who want to witness all the colors of nature from a bird's eye view and experience exciting moments. Just living in the moment is enough while floating in the air accompanied by licensed pilots.

What is Paragliding?

Paragliding is a sport that does not require a special runway or aircraft, and is completely accompanied by the wind. Paragliding, called "paragliding" in English, was invented in the early 1980s by people interested in air sports. When it comes to paragliding, people usually think of free parachute. In free fall, an aircraft is required and oscillating high into the sky. In paragliding, there is no need for an aircraft. It jumps from the mountains or high slopes by gaining a certain speed and blends into the sky.

How to Paraglide?

In order to do paragliding, first of all, it is necessary to go to places suitable for this sport. Afterwards, only muscle power and wind are needed for flight. If you are going to be in the sky to add the paragliding experience to your life and leave only a pleasant moment, you can get brief information about paragliding from the instructors at the places where this sport is practiced and fly in the company of the pilots. If you are going to do this sport professionally and want to stay in the air for hours, you can join the free and certified paragliding course of the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

Paragliding Rules

You have to follow some rules in order not to endanger both the paraglider pilot and yourself in the air.

  • In flights accompanied by a pilot, the person must fully comply with the pilot's directions.

  • It is mandatory to wear a chin-up helmet and life jacket.

  • A first aid kit must be present during the flight.

  • You should only take paragliding training or fly in places where the weather is suitable.

  • Paragliding is not a three-person sport. It is done with only one person other than the pilot. This is also called “Tandem Paragliding”.

  • It is mandatory to have a spare parachute and a rescue boat on tandem flights.

  • The wind required for paragliding must be checked before flying, if appropriate, it should be started after that.

  • Clothing that will provide comfort in the air should be worn.

  • It is forbidden for people with heart disease, fear of heights, pregnant, asthmatic and over 105 kg to paraglide.

  • Paragliding should not be done while intoxicated.

  • The age limit for paragliding is 16. Parental consent is required for those under the age of 16.

Required Materials for Paragliding

There are some materials needed to be safe when taking off and landing on a slope.

Wing (Dome)

Wings made from a blend of nylon silk and polyester are the first material needed to fly. The weight of the paragliding wings, which are filled with air during the flight, is quite light.

Suspension Ropes

Canada has more than 100 hanging ropes tied. These ropes are 2 mm in size and can carry a weight close to 150 kg, even though they seem very thin.


It is the seat made of hard plastic, where the pilot is attached to the wing with carabiners while flying. This harness, which is connected to the leg and chest, is adjusted according to the body of the pilot and the person next to him, if any. Some harnesses have airbags, back protectors, pockets, spare parachute slots.

Carrier Columns

The columns attach the suspension ropes to the harness and carry the weight through the ropes. The carrier columns used to bring the wings to the top during take-off are also the place where the brakes are located.

Pilot parachute

Before starting the flight, you must have a spare parachute. The backup parachute is activated by the pilot as soon as the main parachute loses its flight capability. It is also the pilot's responsibility to collect the actual parachute, which descends at a speed of approximately 5 m/s.


There are two types of paragliding helmets, with or without full-face protection. Even if there is no accident in the air, these helmets must be used due to impacts that may occur during landing.


The radio used in training and flights is a must-have equipment when paragliding. Radios provide communication with other pilots in the air and the crew at the take-off ground. 


It is an instrument that displays the wind's intensity and impact range in km and enables the pilot to act accordingly.


One of the things that people who want to do paragliding wonder about is what to wear while paragliding. If you are going to participate in paragliding, which will usually be held in summer resorts, you should wear comfortable clothes such as shorts and T-shirts. You should pay attention to the clothes and shoes that will not restrict your running and freedom of movement while taking off from the slope. If you are going to paraglide in a breezy place, you can wear a sweater/cardigan in order not to get cold in the air.


Those who will experience paragliding as an amateur do not need to use professional glasses. But to protect from the sun and wind, it will be useful to use sunglasses that will cover your eyes and will not fall off your face.

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